You must bring originals of the following documents to complete your mortgage application:

W-2's for the last two years for all applicants.
Pay stubs for last whole month for all applicants.
Bank, stock, money market statements for last two (2) months for all applicants complete with all pages.
Landlords name & phone number for the past two (2) years for all applicants.
Account numbers, payment and unpaid balances for all charge cards, installment loans and mortgages for all applicants.
Social security cards and Drivers Licenses for all applicants.
Mailing addresses for the past two (2) years for all applicants.
Plans & specs for construction loan
Deed, copy of current note, Insurance declarations page, and owners title insurance policy (for refinance )
Current leases,  tax bills and insurance declarations page with annual premium, if you own rental property for all applicants.
If self employed, received bonus, commission or own rental property- last two (2) years complete tax returns for all applicants.
Current financial statement for the business, if self employed
Copy of all divorce documents, all pages, for all applicants. (If applicable)
Copy of all bankruptcy document, all pages, for all applicants. (If applicable)
Credit report fee $20.00

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